Teachers Pay Teachers Sale Time!

Well it's THAT time of the year again!

The Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale is on for only 2 days starting the 30th November.

Visit the TechTeacherPto3 store and grab yourself a 20% discount on all of our products - but wait there's more! When you checkout use the code SMILE and you can get an extra 8% discount on your purchases! That's 28% discount in total on everything you buy but only for 2 days!

Christmas Around The World - Time to explore and celebrate!

Christmas is such a fun time in the classroom and a perfect opportunity to explore how other countries and cultures celebrate.

The Christmas Around The World pack contains everything you need to take students on an adventure to 9 different countries. see my new updated pack with 10 countries in it now!

Passport stamps and 12 page activity booklet

In this pack you will find 9 10 passport stamps from each country visited and an Activity Book.

As you visit each country and explore their traditions, you can contrast and compare their events, location and culture with your own.

Complete the passport page and then allow students to glue in a passport stamp - just like a real passport!

p.s this also doubles as a neat little formative assessment tool.

Or download the individual packs here (click each picture to download)







Play Doh/Dough Mats - Literacy Rotations idea

 My students usually enjoy their sight word Play Doh mats when we do literacy rotations however, I've noticed they have become bored with them and needed something new. I wanted to extend them with short and long vowel sounds but still wanted them to strengthen their fingers with the Play Doh.

I created these quick little Play Doh mats for both Short A and Short E and they really enjoy them.

They have fun trying to work out what the word is and by making the missing letter with Play Doh it reinforces their spelling and phonics knowledge.

Other Play Doh mats available at TechTeacherPto3 are the Play Doh 10s Frames Mats - another fun maths rotation activity.