A farm thematic unit in the classroom

Young children love all things farm-related. They love the noises animals make. They love to name the animals (something they have often been doing since they were babies). They love to colour and play farm games.

The Farm Activity Pack by TechTeacherPto3 is everything you need to introduce farm themes into your classroom.

Inside the Farm Pack you will find 12 Maths and 12 Literacy activities to use in your classroom.

Full colour farm posters assist with vocabulary building.

Flashcards and a Bingo Game also assist young students to build their vocabulary.

The Diorama is a fun craftivity to allow students to build their own farm and then write about their farm in the writing task.
12 Literacy activities and worksheets build on vocabulary including naming, labelling using describing words.
12 Maths activities include Old Macdonald's Farm song and several maths activities that can be used with this (including large images for interactive lessons). Part, part whole activities, maths problem solving and much more!

To view the full list of what is available in this busy pack visit the TechTeacherPto3 store or follow the link to the product by clicking here.

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