Halloween - Spooky Maths and English fun!

Halloween is an unusual celebration, what with all the monsters, vampires and zombies! However, it is a seasonal shift and a lead up to other seasonal celebrations such as Christmas and New Year and introducing it into the classroom is a fun way to engage students.

Perhaps your students don't celebrate Halloween very much but I can guarantee you they will have seen the decorations around stores and homes by now. October is Halloween month and there is NO escaping it!

Living in Australia, I notice Halloween isn't celebrated in the classroom as much as it is in the US and the UK/Ireland (where I previously lived). However, I still like to bring activities into the classroom that are seasonal because they prompt discussions with young students about how we mark the changing of the seasons and how different people celebrate and quite frankly IT'S FUN! I will take ANY opportunity to bring in fresh material to engage those tired little kids.

Take my Halloween Maths Problem Solving pack. My students are already well versed in some basic maths problem solving, especial using the Part Part Whole Strategy (click to view my most popular maths product - the Part Part Whole Maths Pack) so they know how to use part part whole. However, maths problem solving can become repetitive if you don't bring some fresh maths problems to the table.

These Halloween problems include non-scary Halloween pictures with two types of part, part whole problems. Draw/write it out or cut and paste. My students especially loved the cut and paste ones as you can see below.

If you'd like to try a Halloween Part Part Whole sheet for free click this link for a free sample page in the Halloween Maths Problem Solving Part Part Whole Worksheet.

As well as introducing seasonal themed Maths resources I really enjoy bringing some craft into the classroom which encourages writing! Anything to keep them engaged, reading and writing really! 
This year I've brought the Halloween Literacy Pack into the class for the students to play with and they have had great fun through.. 

Making sentences.

Making fun flip books

Making fun Halloween treats in the classroom and using the sequencing cut and paste to go over our method used.

Playing Sight Word Bingo with our pumpkin pieces.

There is just so much jam packed into this little goody-bag of Halloween literacy fun.

Update: take a look at how I've used these fun Halloween party favours in my Reading Groups!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Your activities are so cute! I love the flip book.

  2. Your monster sentence flip book is adorable! I love how much you include of Halloween in your classroom :)

    Teaching Autism

  3. I love the sentence writing/building, and the Frankenstein sandwich treat! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the hands on I can make a sentence with the visuals and actually everything...Happy Halloween!