Focus on a Freebie - December

What is sequencing?

Sequencing is the process of putting things into some sort of logical order, for example sequencing the order in which tasks are done. 

Why is sequencing important?

We divide our time into tasks and understanding the order that tasks are undertaken first, second and third etc. which helps young children develop conceptual understanding of how processes work.

In which subjects can students use these sequencing skills?

All subjects! Early years maths begins with ordinal number understanding and moves towards order of operations in upper primary. English early years curriculum requires students to sequence story events as firstly, then, next and lastly. History requires students to understand the order of life events such as baby, child, teenager and adult. The Science curriculum covers concepts such as how living things grow (seed to plant) and even the movement of objects (if I push this first, it will then roll). Sequencing is the cornerstone of most foundation year subjects and mastery of this skill is essential in the early years. 

So, now we've established what sequencing is and why it is so important - let me introduce you to this month's Focus on a Freebie the Sequencing Activity Cut and Paste Worksheet.

Students read the story and then cut and paste the sequence into the correct order.

What have other teachers said about this freebie...
"Thank you so much for this resource, My ESOL students and I love it!" Elly D.
"Cute and colourful resource that links directly into two topics I will cover." Corrina M.
"Wonderful opportunity to practice with great example." Peacock Projects
"Absolutely gorgeous, this is just perfect for teaching time sequences and what happens next. Thank you so much." Buyer A

This freebie is a sample page from the full pack available here Sequencing Sheets which includes 10 cut and paste worksheets with different reading comprehension passages.

You may also enjoy these Sequencing Picture Cards in full colour complete with sorting mat.

"We used these cards for so many cooperative activites! Thanks!" First Grade Charm
"Perfect for my student struggling with comprehension to use when the rest of the class is working on something else." Buyer A

Sequencing Events in our classroom - is a fun way to discuss daily events and practice scheduling them on a simple calendar. 
"Great tool for helping with sequencing in the class with Prep" Buyer A
"These have helped my special students with learning sequencing." Laura D
"Love this idea. This is our first activity every Monday to talk about our plans for the week." Sheryl B.

All of these products are also available in the Sequencing Activities Bundle to save you money. 

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