Celebrating Chinese New Year in the Classroom

Chinese New Year is the perfect opportunity to bring a cultural celebration from another country into the classroom.  

There is so much you can unpack with this celebration and I'd like to take you through the Chinese New Year Activity Pack to give you some ideas and demonstrate how you can align this celebration with some of the outcomes in the Australian curriculum.

Maps and Flags

Exploring other country's maps and flags forms part of both the Geography and History curriculum (now called HASS) for all year levels. Inside this pack you will find some cute wall decorations students can put together and explore the Chinese flag and national dress.

The image below shows the wall display printed in colour but a black and white version ready for students to cut and paste together then colour in included inside.

Symbols and Traditions

From Foundation Year (exploring celebrations) through to Year 6 (exploration of Asia) all year levels require students to examine how celebrations take place both within Australia and the rest of the world, then draw comparisons. 

Creating hands-on resources always engages students and cements learning which is why these easy to make paper lanterns are such a big hit with students. Instruction and the template is included in this pack and allows students to consider the symbolism involved with this tradition.

The Red Pack is also another fun craft activity where students can make the envelope up with the template and decorate it then insert the paper coins and give to their friends.

Cultural Significance of Symbols

Included in this pack are several reading comprehension sheets on Chinese New Year, with each one exploring the symbolism of a traditional element that is an essential part of the celebration.

There are also mapping worksheets and maths activities so you can bring the Chinese New Year focus to all subject areas.

To view this pack in more detail click here.

Why not download the free Chinese New Year Poster for 2017
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