Year 1 Geography with QR Codes

I'm constantly reviewing my products and listening to your feedback. In particular, I've been exploring the use of ICTs with Geography (stay tuned for my blog post about using ICTs with HASS soon). I've been looking for ways to make my HASS packs more authentic and relevant for students so have started to refresh some of my older products. 

The first product I've updated is my Year 1 Geography Pack and here are some of the new additions I've added to the pack.

Firstly, the pack has now been split into three files which have been zipped together. 

File One - vocabulary cards, worksheets and activities.
File Two - colourful posters on the concepts covered.
File Three - photographic slides of real people and places.

In addition, the worksheets now have QR codes. Student can complete the worksheets and scan the QR code to get some clues as to the location being discussed. There are also QR codes on how places are used. 

Note: Most of the QR codes link to Google Drive. If you don't have access to Google Drive in your school then you will find the photographic slides file most useful for discussing these concepts with students as a whole class. I have set the QR code links so that your students do not need to log in to Google Drive, however, some schools do not allow access so please check before you begin any class activity.

Lastly, one significant addition to this pack is a very clear alignment with ACARA Year 1 Geography in the index. This way you can see which materials in the pack cover the relevant Knowledge and Understandings. 

If you have already purchased this pack, please go back and download the new and updated file for free here.

As always, if you have any feedback, requests or questions please email me

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