ANZAC Day Activities for the classroom

The Australian History Curriculum (ACARA) asks students to make connections to the past through posing questions and exploring events. In particular, ACARA asks Year 3 students to examine significant events in Australian history, such as ANZAC Day which is held on the 26th April every year.

This ANZAC Day Activity Pack provides students with several different opportunities to assess their understanding of this commemoration and display their knowledge of this event in the classroom.

Posters and Word Walls are a perfect accompaniment to discussions and the craft activities allow students to display their work on internal or external classroom walls. 

Worksheets can double as assessment items (answer sheets provided) and come with mapping components. The ANZAC Biscuit recipe and recount sheets give students a real taste of ANZAC life with a fun word search on these key vocabulary words. Lastly, students can write to an ANZAC in 1915 (using their knowledge of life in the past) or a present day war veteran (applying knowledge of current commemorations, symbols and activities) to demonstrate their understanding.