Reading Around Australia - encouraging independent reading Around Australia - 16 Book Challenge by Ripper Reading Resources is a lovely way to get your students to read more independently.

Students are encouraged to read 16 books in total (two per State or Territory). They cut and paste one of the book icons on the next page into their “passports” each time they have completed a book and they record the title, author and a review of the book within their passports.

Teachers have the discretion to decide whether this challenge is completed over a term, a semester or a school year, depending on the age and the stage of the students. The passport, in particular, is a nifty little tool to keep students engaged with the activity and even slightly competitive! What a great idea!

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  1. Thank you sooooo much for this post. I didn't realise you were doing this Jane, or maybe it just slipped my mind in the busy-ness of life :) I would love you to do a guest post on my blog sometime as I love your work and your resources :)