Teaching Addition To Young Students

Are you looking for fun and engaging ways to discuss addition with young students?


The Little Mouse story uses animation, sounds, children’s language and familiar objects to model the addition concept to young students.

A quick fun visual way to introduce the concept of addition and a building block to many other activities to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the concept.


The 10 Play Doh mats set is another fun engaging activity for young students.

In addition, there is a colour and black and white Cookie Shop Game mat with printable cookies (should you wish to get students to cut and paste on the b&w sheets). To help students play the game there are 8 customer cards with cookie orders to make.

 Teddy Maths Problem Solving Cards

18 Cards in total (3 patterning and 3 problem solving) have been placed into this set. 

All cards have been colour coded to assist with classroom differentiation and maths rotations.

Maths Problem Solving Stories - Addition

Introduce maths problem solving through 10 addition stories on colourful slides. These slides make a great set of morning work when displayed in the classroom on a large screen.

Why not save some money and purchase the  
with all four products inside!

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