Sunday, 4 September 2016

Geography Units that are aligned to the Australian Curriculum

Geography concepts can be difficult to explain to young students and some of the biggest concepts covered in the Australian curriculum for Foundation - Year 3 are no exception. Concepts such as geographic features, places and spaces, caring for places and Indigenous connections to the land are all covered in the TechTeacherPto3 Geography Units.

What are places like? What makes a place special? How can we look after the places we live in?

• Pose questions about people and places: hospital, farm, school
• Environment and change (past/present home, school, farm)
• Natural, managed and constructed features/places
• Locate and explore places and why (space)
• How places are cared for (beach, forest, campsite, school, farm)
• The different features of places
• How the features of places have changed
• How Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples connected to places

Geography Unit Year 2 Maps: Local, Regional and National Scale

• Map of the world (place, space, environment) where they are locate in relation to Australia
• Hierarchy of scale – personal, local, regional and national
• How places have meaning for Aboriginals and their connection to their land?
• How are people connected to their place and other places?• What factors affect my connection to places?

• How and why are places similar and different?
• Similarities and differences between places within and outside Australia through a study of their environmental and human characteristics (place)

• Climate (environment) and the types of settlements (space) in Australia

In addition, you'll find many other useful Geography resources at TechTeacherPto3 such as (click to open):

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