Using flip books to reinforce maths concepts

Prepare yourself for a mini-rant. I don't mind mandated teaching materials (*cough* C2C *cough*) however, what burns my buns is the speed at which you are forced to rush through larger maths concepts such as fractions.

Reinforcing the concept of fractions i.e the basic concept of parts of a whole, is essential to developing student understanding further down the track when they are required to add, subtract and multiply fractions. 

So I created these little Fraction Flip Books to assist students with solidifying their learning of fractions in an independent way.

In particular, what I like about these little flip books is they work right across grades 2 through 5 to help students consolidate and demonstrate their learning of fractions.

In addition, they are so easy for students to put together and spend some time on. They can keep them in their desk for when they finish work early (don't you just love those fast finishers in a class of 29 students!) or use them in maths rotations.

I especially love using the maths story to show a real world connection to fractions, which I often use as a mini formative assessment tool. Do they really understand that all parts they cut up must be equal in size to be a correct representation of a fraction?

Grab your fraction booklet by clicking here My Fraction Flip Book Bundle

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